Strategies and Skills to Teach
Word Work
Levels Q-S
Benchmark Level S by June 4th Grade

Fluency Benchmark
Level Q 105-140 wpm
Level R 105-145 wpm
Level S 110-150 wpm

Setting becomes important and are very detailed

Setting and characters are not introduced right away in chapter one you have to accumulate ideas

More symbolism and metaphors that become essential to understanding story

Characters are complex and change and you have to infer this

More mature themes emerge focusing on problems of society as they effect children

Difficult words to solve including words from other languages

Full range of genres
Setting- Becomes important to what happens in book and is not just given in Ch. 1 you have to accumulate ideas and learn things about setting

Infer the meaning of figurative language and new vocabulary

Characters are complex- You need to infer to understand them

theories/predictions throughout text

Make inferences about characters and events and support with examples from story

Identify and discuss a significant message or event in a story and support opinion with details from text

Compare/contrast the treatment of similar themes and topics and patterns of events in stories, myths, fables from diff. cultures

Compare/contrast the point of view from which diff. stories are narrated including the diff. between first and third person narration
Words to use when describing character traits:
Brave, careful, cheerful, curious, wicked, honest, intelligent, selfish, clever, confident, considerate, grumpy, reliable, dishonest, foolish, irresponsible, reliable, calm, cautious, cowardly, cruel, dependable, miserable, fearless, wise, argumentative, careless, envious, faithful, stern, sympathetic, supportive, modest, appreciative, carefree, demanding, innocent, irritable, spiteful, trustworthy, indecisive, assertive, defiant, fickle, hesitant, meek, noble, perceptive, reckless, ruthless, skeptical, unassuming

Write a complete summary in own words including important characters, events, and details including message/theme