Below you will find links to lessons for praticular areas of writing-

Mechanics (editing), Revision, and Ideas/Planning:

Mechanics (Conventions and Grammar) Lessons

__**Revision Lessons**__-

Definition of Revision: Revision involves changing the meaning, content, structure, or syle of a piece of writingrather than the more surface changes that a writer does during editing.

Goal as teachers of writing:
We need to teach our students that Revision does not only take place after writing but instead it should occur throughout the writing process.
Focus on the writing process not the product.
Through mini lessons, small group, and 1:1 conferring lessons teach and demonstrate specific revision strategies so that our students have a "tool box" of strategies to use to improve their writing.

Ideas /Planning

Below is the movie that Lucy talks to kids about being writers. Shared with you at a staff development 2011.

Below is a short video that you can use with older students to introduce the power of words. Selecting/revising for word choice:

Below is a video of one of my favorite books to use for teaching Small Moments: